fields of peonies

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Peonies are my favorite flower and as social media concludes it's almost everyone's bloom of choice. When I was younger the classic pink and white lilies were my favorite, I then went through a Sunflower phase followed by Tulips. After the amazing Betty Magazine posted on their instagram stories (they are always filled with so much inspo) about their visit to a peony field located in Maidstone it got my little peepers interested and I had to make plans to see it for myself and with it located only 40 minutes down the road at Little Budds farm it was on my weekend to do list - and luckily I have the a very willing fiance who indulges me in such fancies.

When we arrived I was overwhelmed with the different varieties and after a quick google there are apparently over 3,000 cultivated types of peony (blimey!) with Little Budds boasting approximately 30 types such as Angel Cheeks, Athena, Bartzella, BlazeCoral Charm and Etched Salmon. I took the time to walk and eye them all up and pretty much taking a big whiff of each as I went. The sweet and mellow scent they exude was incredible as well as their beautiful colours. I took an abundance of photographs but they just did not do them any justice.

There isn't a direct website for the farm the nearest but the nearest address for sat-nav purposes is; Gravelly Ways, Laddingford, Maidstone ME18 6BZ. As the gardner was explaining to another guest to the farm the peony season is short and sweet and unfornately due to the weather conditions we've experienced this year it is almost over. Next year I will make sure to visit as the season starts to get the very best view possible.

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