Morocco Photo Diary: feeling blue & yellow

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Last weeks trip to Morocco was full of colour, sunshine, fun girl time and exploring. Ella and I took what felt like millions of photographs but they were either all of the same thing, already been shared on Instagram or taken on our phone. These were some of my favourite colourful snaps from our sun drenched trip to Marrakesh and for me the absolute highlight was the beautiful and inspiring Jardin Marjorelle also known as the Yves St Laurent gardens, a tropical calming oasis just outside of the busy city and (v.scary) roads.  We rocked up just as it was opening at 8am, I really recommend doing this too if you're planning on visiting as everyone told us the queue can be ridiculous and then once you're in, it is just far too crammed and busy - we were the only ones in the gardens for the first 30 minutes and it felt like are own little private paradise to photograph (and do flashdance: see last snap) flounce about and drink mint tea in. Full of cactus, palms and the most exquisite yellow and blue coloured buildings and wall, which looked incredible with the vast green backdrops. I already know that this won't be my last visit to this place.

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