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It may have been well over a month ago that we escaped London and visited Prague, we really wanted to visit over the festive season last year but time escaped and good deals were hard to come by. Prague is a very small city (but also very beautiful) and my main tip off is to explore on foot and walk everywhere, you have a few places that you must czech out (sorry- had to) such as the famous Charles Bridge, one of the oldest squares and the old town, they also seem to be into their jazz in a big way with underground club and venues around most turns. I was surprised by how mild it was whilst we were out there, I had expected to be bundled up in my thermals yet I barely had to even pop my gloves on - and this is from a girl who sits at work with a hot water bottle.

Where we stayed Beseda Prague

Where we ate  
Sushi and Schnitzel at Loving Hut 
Burritos at Burrito Loco
Noodles from Wokin
Tapas at Monarch

Where we drank and got silly
Cocktails at Hemingway Bar
Vino at Monarch 
Music and vibes  Jazz Republic

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