decadent days

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I love having a day off in the week, it usually means town is quieter then it is at the weekend and I can either catch up with a friend, spend some quality time with my Mum or indulge in some 'me' time where I can tick some of my to-go places off or enjoy some gallery hopping.

Earlier in this month I took my Mum to my favourite pink cupcake shop where I enjoyed a soy latte and bought her the prettiest cupcake that we could find, strawberry and champagne - use to be my favourite, decorated with pretty pink petals and buttercream (I am seriously willing Peggy P to start making some vegan friendly treats) after sipping on our beverages and enjoying the vast array of valentines decorations. I took myself off to Marylebone to walk around one of my favourite galleries the Wallace Collection. Full to the brim with beautifully decorated rooms, decadent art work and stunning arm chairs and sofas. Marylebone is the perfect part of town for some aimless wandering around, eyeing up all the beautiful cafes, restaurants and people watching, paying visits to every book worms paradise Daunt Books wall to ceiling with hardbacks and novels.

I finished the day by wandering down to Soho and buying myself a (strong) coffee and some cherry jam for my boyo from one of the best shops Lina Stores that green facade and mint and cream decoration always gets me. 

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