The hills are alive

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Okay so I have something to admit... I've never seen The Sound of Music from begining to end. Sure I've seen parts of it plenty of times but never the whole thing. Visiting the beautiful countryside of Austria has got me itching to see all of it, start to fin. The vast green, clean air, rolling mountains has got me coming over all 'van-trapp' like.

We flew into Salzburg where Matts Aunt and Uncle kindly greeted us to show us all the beauty spots of the City, riding up the funicular to get great views of everything below. Drinking coffee at cute little cafe shops, cooling down in the beautiful Cathedral, strolling the pretty shop lined streets and seeing Mozart's place of birth.

After a busy day (and after only 3 hours sleep) we drove 2 hours to Kainisch where Matt's Aunt and Uncle have had a gorgeous and cosy austrian flat where they spend half their year out in, decked in wooden walls and ceilings.

Unfortunately the weather didn't grace us with plenty of sunshine or heat, so we didn't do any lake swimming or cycling - which I was pretty disappointed about but it didn't spoil the beauty of Austria,
the trip was rejuvenating with all that fresh air (like incredibly fresh) tap water tasting better then any mineral bottled from this country, eating plenty of pretzels and vegan sausages, lots Mountain walks, visiting the famous salt mines where all that incredible art work was hidden by the Nazis in the war, and so much pretty scenery that my eyes hurt from constantly wanting to take it all in.

Have you ever been to Austria, what did you think? I can't wait to visit Vienna next, we didn't have time to on this trip as it's little bit of a way out from where we were.

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