jaymie loves brighton part 2

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Probably one of my favourite discoveries of 2016 (but I did also find Hope & Ruin which you can read about in my other Brighton post) our hotel was only a stones throw away from Purezza, which is a completely plant based and sustainable living pizza destination for vegetarians and vegans alike. As you can see from the menu there is SO much to chose from - If you are on a more restrictive diet you will understand just how exciting this is! From tasty colourful salads packed with nutrients, calzones, 'cheese' stuffed crusted pizzas and a variety of different vegetable toppings and alternatives to meat on offer. I'm already excited for the next pizza chapter...

Find Purezza at 12 St James Street, BN2 1RE

Wai Kika Moo Kau 
It's likely that you already know of Wai Kika if you've been to Brighton before. Located just off The Lanes in Kensington Gardens, it's somewhere Matt and I tend to visit quiet a lot and it just never fails to disappoint. It's all feel good, fulfilling, comfort, vegetarian and vegan food at very reasonable prices. There chilli is a personal favourite and for dessert (or breakfast… because cake) then there carrot cake has got to be the one.

Find Wai Kika Moo Kau at 11A Kensington Gardens, BN1 4AL

The Breakfast Club
The original Breakfast Club all started with humble beginnings in this Brighton location and in my opinion it is still one of the best. With bright flamingo painted walls and tacky ornaments covering the place it's a great place to pay a visit for a Happy Hour cocktail.

Find The Breakfast Club at 16-17 Market Street, BN1 1HH

If anyone has any of their own personal recommendations or places of interest that I should check out I would love to hear them, Please comment below and I will make sure to have a look.
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