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Pastries, colourful houses and interior geniuses of the world, might come to mind when you think of Denmark. When I came across flights for £25 each for return to Copenhagen, I ran for my purse and entered my card details as quickly as possible, eager to get back to that stylish city.

After visiting in February and falling in love, we already knew it wouldn't be the last time we visited. If you've been before - it is most definitely do-able for a day trip, only an hour and a half, the Copenhagen airport being super efficient (Denmark you babe) and the metro only taking 20 minutes to get you into the main part of the city Kongens Nytorv - a short walk to Nyhavn.

On our first trip we didn't get to visit the famous Tivoli Gardens (as it only opens again in April) and after hearing such good things about it we were pretty disappointed - although it definitely was too cold to go on any rides on our first visit to the city. After enjoying some sorbet in the sun, we opened up google maps and walked to Tivoli (about a 20 minute walk from Nyhavn) It has all the old charm of a 1930s theme park, with some legitimately amazing rides (no shabby fun fair-esque roller coasters here)

A visit to Copenhagen wouldn't be complete without going to The Royal Smushi cafe not only has it got the best name but it's also a pretty pink paradise. We enjoyed some much needed shade, rest time and a glass of cold fizzy stuff.

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