a weekend in copenhagen

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I can't quite believe I haven't blogged since the end of last year and that Spring is just around the corner! I've been in a bit of a creative slump and pickle recently. I haven't had the motivation or inspiration, which in turn has made me feel more rubbish about not feeling productive or creating anything, so unintentionally I've just had a little break away from painting, drawing, blogging etc. I've decided though it's been long enough and I feel ready, I need to take he bull by the horns and get back to it. it's not all been self loathing and beating myself up though - I promise! 

In February we visited Denmark for the first time and spent Valentines weekend in the beautiful city of Copenhagen with its colourful building fronts, stunning architecture and all the interior design goals you could want. 

We stayed at Skt Annae just around the corner from Nyhavn. For location alone I would recommend this hotel but the lobby and interior as you step through the front door brings all the heart eye emojis. Our room was cute and cosy, ideal for a cold, romantic stay in the capital. 

I loved how small, clean and fresh the city feels, you can easily navigate everywhere by foot or bike (maybe next time i'll be a little braver!) the danish as a whole seem friendly and unassuming and we automatically just felt at home. 

If you're looking for some tasty drinks in comfortable chairs and tables lit by candlelight then Ruby ticks the boxes. Eclectic, grand and sleek little cocktail bar in København.

This fun music venue is underground and has amazing acoustics and atmosphere. We caught a gig late on the Saturday night and it is probably one of my favourite memories of our stay, sipping on cold beer, enjoying some live music and giggling away whilst slightly tipsy with Matt. 

I like my coffee black, my juice orange and my avocado smushed all over my toast… Bistro Royal did not disappoint - just a stones throw away from our hotel, again the danish know interior and it inspired me no end.

We paid a couple of visits to this particular cafe, enjoying a frozen strawberry daiquiri and a massive bowl of tortilla chips and guac before we headed to the Jazz House and then on our last day filling our boots with steaming hot tea and fruit platter.

The Royal Smushi Cafe
I'm pretty sure this is what the inside of my mind looks like, so dreamy that I squealed when I entered. I don't even think it matters if the food tastes that good (I'm sure the food is delicious btw) when a place looks as pretty, what instagram dreams are made of.

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