A day in Paris

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Last Friday Matt and I headed to Gatwick for an early morning flight to Charles De Gaulle and spent a day frolicking in Paris. We were greeted with sunshine and blue skies as we jumped off the metro at Notre Dame - much to our surprise, after constantly refreshing the weather app to check out the forecast, which did not look so promising.

It was Matt's first time exploring Paris and even though it was brief, it was special being able to experience one of my favourite cities with him.

After enjoying the sunshine in Notre Dame, we wanted to grab a drink - I had wanted to visit the beautiful Le Train Bleu at Gare De Lyon for a while so we bee-lined our way there, We ate french fries besides the Eiffel tower, sipped on black coffin whilst we watched a sudden downpour descend in Champ Elysees, enjoyed some champagne in a very Parisian cafe before making a rather sleepy return back to London.

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