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Joy to the World! It's Christmassssssss, it's the holly-days (any other festive puns?) Home Alone has been watched and my gifts are all wrapped. 

I only have tomorrow left of work, then I have a week off. I'm so looking forward to delicious food, drinks, board games and spending time with my nearest and dearest. December involved lots of baking, not enough hours in the day, trips to christmas markets, London days out, trying to squeeze as much in as possible, mulled wine, the nutcracker ballet, and not enough rest and relaxation.

What are some of your favourite festive traditions? One of mine is that we have our big dinner with all the trimmings on Christmas Eve, we always have since I was a little nipper and I look forward to it so much as we can have a long leisurely feast with lots of talking, music and games PLUS you still have all of Christmas Day to look forward to and means you can munch on as much sweets, cake and crisps (or any of your preferred snacks) after opening your presents of coarse.

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