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Happy Bank Holiday Monday! Here's to a fabulous September coming our way (we hope!) I'm off to Rhodes tomorrow, so today may include last minute packing and everything which I've not had time to do, so as much as I would love a day of watching back to back Don't Tell The Bride or New Girl it's more likely I'll be found making lists, tidying my studio area, scanning and finishing some work.

I try and set myself mini goals for each week and month but with starting the month being on holiday I thought making some reachable goals for when I come back might help me get back into the swing of reality a little easier.
- I aim to do 5-6 gym classes a week - I'm addicted to Pilate's, Body pump and spin but past few weeks I've only managed 2-3 so once I'm back from holiday I fully intend to jump right back in and be a gym bunny.
-Save £100-200 a month. I have been a lot better with saving recently, but this past month has been pretty expensive and left me a little broke for the rest of this month, but when I get paid at the end of September I need to save about £300 ideally.
-Spend more time reading, painting and drawing, I'm already trying to be waaaay more productive and manage everything a little better. But I really need to paint everyday and create to be happy I think.
-Smile and laugh often (I wouldn't say I'm the most serious person ever but sometimes you just forget to real enjoy the moment for what it is.)

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