a little party never killed nobody

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It's 2 months today that Matt and I got engaged, time has flown by since that day and last weekend we throw a party to celebrate with some of our nearest and dearest.

The party was at Matt's parents house in Billericay Essex and let's just say the Hollands know how to throw a bash, their was endless supply of fizz, wine, beer and all the savoury and sweet food that you could eat. We even had a pink unicorn piñata and pic'n'mix which believe me - I kept on pic'in.

The night was filled with the best company, meeting people, getting tipsy on pimms and wine, warming ourselves by the fire pits and reflecting on how much has changed in the past year but also looking forward to the future with my best friend.

Thank you to all who came and for all our amazing, generous presents. PEACE and LOVE!

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