Savoy Weekend

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Disclaimer: PDA's and cringe worthy writing of love and soppy-ness.

I can't quite believe it's been just over two weeks that Matt and I got engaged. it's been a complete whirlwind, he popped the question on Easter Sunday after treating us both to a romantic evening at the Savoy - which is just a 1920s, step back in time, decadent dream (any place where you can get room service at 2 in the morning and have fries and condiments within 10 minutes is pretty great in my books.) 

I've told this story countless amounts of times in the past fortnight, it is of coarse what everybody asks and the first question that I would ask 'So how did he do it?! 

… Matt had booked a restaurant/ bar along the South Bank which overlooks the ever beautiful St Pauls. A place that when we were dating we visited a couple of times and had some great times - especially last Easter, warming ourselves under the heated lamps, getting tipsy on Prosecco whilst sharing stories.  After a cocktail in the Savoy, listening to live piano music and flirting over bar snacks (oh the olives) we made our way to the bar. Matt had organised with the managers and staff - so they all knew exactly what was happening, His friend Jon (props to his great photography skills!) was hiding out. I had never met him before either so I had no idea even if I was to have caught a glimpse of him, he was their taking photos of the big moment (some of which I've included) someone came over with champagne and glasses, Matt removed the box from his jacket and came around to my side and asked me if I would marry him, as overwhelmed and a little bit shaky as I was I managed a 'I love you so much… of coarse I will' As you can imagine after he had put a ring on it, we celebrated and got rather drunk on the champagne. Jon worded the process of photographing us after, pretty well 'It was just like herding cats' 

So there it is, It was all in all a perfect weekend. I can't thank everyone enough for the time people have taken to tweet, comment or send cards congratulating the both of us. I am so brimming with bloody love right now. 

Apologies for any cringing that may have occurred as a result of reading this sap filled post but do you know what... I'm not even sorry ;)

Photos courtesy of Jon Kemp 

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