Viva Las Vegas

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It's been almost a month since I went to Vegas with my Sister and our friend Emma but I'm only just getting around to sharing some of the photos of some of the fabulous times we had.

A trip to the west coast wouldn't be complete without a visit to In 'N' Out or Pinkberry. We visited L.A, a trip up to the Hollywood hills as well as going to the amazing Santa Monica beach, where we frolicked in the sea and felt the late afternoon sun rays warm our skin.

It was the second time we had been to the Grand Canyon since visiting California in 2012, this time we did the sky walk and the west rim and saw a whole different perspective, I always seem to scaere everyone when I'm walking down the cliff ends, dangling my feet and peeking over.

Some other highlights include riding Insanity at the Stratosphere, drinking champagne in the Chandeler Bar at the cosmopolitan, seeing the night time skyline from the High Roller, taking a boat ride at Venetian hotel and enjoying the intense heat towards the end of the holiday.

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ladies & croissants said...

Nice photos!Looks like you had a great time!