SketchbookPro for iPad


I was asked recently, if I would like to try out the Sketchbook pro app for the iPad Mini 2 from Argos and give it a whirl by drawing - which proved to be more difficult then I was expecting!

I've never been one for digital art and have never used it in my own work, I am a paper, pencil and watercolour lover. Not that I think by only using your hand or a regular joe stylus like I did, can you produce real art work. Maybe you can- but I definitely can't.  

The SketchbookPro application is easy to use in terms of ease between using different colours and switching between different mediums, which can be changed to different sizes and opacity. You can definitely pass a good half an hour just doodling nonsense (I had a fun afternoon drawing fireworks) and it does get pretty addictive.  

After about an hour of failed attempts at trying to produce a fairly okay looking face, I gave up and glanced over at my Laura Ashley carrier bag on my wardrobe door which spurred me to doodle flowers instead… yes it might look like a 5 year olds attempt. With a little practice and some train journey journey filling I reckon I could draw something less embarrassing, as an artist I thought I would be able to draw on the app quiet easily, my fingers just do not work that way.

Have you ever used SketchbookPro or a similar application? I would love to know how you got on or any tips and tricks you may have to improve.

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becky said...

i think your flowers are cute, but i do prefer your usual style if i'm honest :)


Raffles Bizarre said...

It does take some getting used to. I have a sketching app on my ipad too which I love, so nice to be able to change up the tools and textures.
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