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After seeing Megan's blog post on her troublesome adult skin blighted with acne outbreaks, she inspired me to open up about some of my own insecurities regarding my own pesky skin. Reading the  extremely helpful, humorous and slightly sarcastic acne guide which had me reading to the very end and giggling along the way also made me want to get the issue under control!

So a bit of background information, I've suffered with acne and oily skin since I first hit puberty. Around the age of 14/15. It really knocked my confidence, as you can imagine. I remember, not being able to look people directly in the eye whilst having conversations with them, paranoid that all they would be looking at was my spots. Being a teenager is hard enough, when you're awkward, skinny (wish I still had that problem, definitely still have the awkwardness mind!) shy and not the 'coolest' of kids. I never wanted to be seen without makeup, which I only really managed to finally do when I was at university and lived in halls for a year.
Sorry for the up close and personal skin photos but you can see from the first photo (without flash) some of the scarring and oily skin type and from the second photo (with flash) the jawline spots which can get really angry and inflamed, but using the Vitage products, which I talk about below seem to be aiding their recovery.

My skin has got generally better in my twenties but I still have scarring and outbreaks quite regularly. I believe I might also have a bit of a hormone imbalance (which I have planned to see my Dr about) I get those stubborn bugger spots that just wont budge, particularly around my jaw line at the moment! I'm interested in starting on the contraceptive pill yasmin to see if it will help at all. But as a 24 year old and still having problems with adult acne and particularly scarring it's time to say enough is enough. A decade of it, is just WAY too long... I'm ready for that glowing complexion, now please.

So when the really rather brilliant Laura from Flipside Pr contacted me about Courthouse Clinic the same place that Megan had visited and been working with on Wonderful You, I jumped at the chance to try some of their skin care products. I received a lathering facial wash, a scrub and a serum. I've been using the wash regularly, the scrub twice a week and the serum (when I remember) usually underneath my makeup. Laura picked the products tailored to my skin type and concerns and gave me some information on how to best use them.

So let's go down to it and scrub those layers of dead skin off (mmm)...

The Facial Wash: Revistalising Daily Cleanse
I've been using this morning and night since I recieved it, the oil free base is perfect for my oily - combination skin and leaves it feeling squeaky clean and fresh, I can literally feel the dirt and bacteria dissapear underneath my fingertips.

The Scrub: Micro Skin Polish
I use the scrub twice weekly as instructed, I massage it in to clean dry skin for at least a minute because it feels so damn good, I love how it leaves my skin feeling after I've washed the remaining grains off. It exfoliates dead skin cells, deeply cleans and rejuvenates the skin. It's easy to damage your skin using this product too much though so it's ideal treat twice a week but no more then that!

The Serum: Correct and Perfect Serum
I use a small amount of this silky smooth feeling serum underneath my makeup. I haven't used this product to it's best effect yet because I mainly forget but I want to get into the routine of using it 2-3 times a day as it mentions on the packaging. It's designed to help calm skin and reduce appearance of redness whilst also controlling oil to leave skin looking clearer. I've noticed when I do use it, my skin feels soft to the touch and the appearance of red spots is toned down.

I have definitely seen an improvement in the appearance and texture of my skin and look forward to seeing the progress even further, I will of coarse keep you updated and when I've spoken to the Dr to see if I do infact have some crazy hormones that are partying it up in my body. I'm also very interested in having some microdermabrasion to sort out the scarring from those stubborn spots that I have.

The guys at Courthouse Clinic have given my readers the opportunity to win the products I've reviewed. You have two chances of winning them simply by entering on their facebook page simply and liking or by following them on Twitter @Court_House

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Jade Wimsey said...

I found that Yasmin really helpful, I was on it for a few years and it really helped clear up my acne. Just recently I've been using salcura though and that seems to help keep them at bag. Although I do think changing my diet has also helped massively, lots of fruit and veg and cutting down in sugar x