Going to the country, to forget about my fears


A goal from 2013 that rolled over to 2014 was to visit my friend Abi in the Lake District, she moved over a year ago now. I took the oppurtunity of having a free weekend to buy a train ticket and go get me some green views. The virgin trains from Euston only take 2.5 hours so it's bliss, I sat watching Breaking Bad and having a little snooze time. 

We spent the weekend going for walks, drinking in country pubs, watching Saturday night tv. There was beautiful sunshine, streams, woods, cows, sheep, but also sludgy mud... you can probably imagine what happened. I already can't wait to visit again in the Summer and actually go into the Lakes and have picnics and a swim. 
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lauraslw said...

Such beautiful photos that capture the British weather just perfectly. I love the clouds and how it looks so sunny yet crisp with cold.

Laura xx

Helena said...

I've spent a lot of time in the lakes and there is literally no place that compares. Where abouts did you go? Looks like you had wonderful time! x

Catherine said...

It sounds like a wonderful little break! I recently rented out a barn with some friends in the Lake District, it was a lovely relaxing trip :)

Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

Queenie said...

gorgeous photos :)