Alexa for Eyeko

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The day started with meeting with one of my favourite babes Rhiannon at Oxford street, well actually it started with family brunch before my Brothers girlfriend moved back to Australia (he will be emigrating a month after, sad O'Callaghan family times) catch up with Antoinette and dropping bits of at Dolce Dolce, then after waiting for Rhiannon and  spotting Jameela Jamil looking beautiful at Oxford Circus, Me and Rhiannon went for lunch at the Carnaby Burger Co. We walked around christmas induced magical daze in Carnaby street, enjoying some free Christmas cocktails, candy and listening to music being pumped around the street.

Now on to something ever more exciting the Eyeko and Alexa collaboration is something the beauty and fashion world have been buzzing over for a while now and every Chung fan has wanted to get their mitts on. Eyeko is known for being a foreleader in eyeliner and mascara in recent years. I remember when they use to do chubby lip balms (which I loved) but they have moved away from other cosmetics to concentrate on the windows of our souls and with a name like Eyeko it makes perfect sense.

We met up briefly with Jemma and Lily in Selfridges, before I purchased my eyeliner and mascara duo which also meant that I could finally meet the lady and have a snap. UM YES PLEASE. Whilst loitering in the beauty hall I spotted Daisy Lowe, who is a also complete babeing babe and sweetheart. Alexa was so so so lovely. She loved my tights and my Twiggy necklace (Alexa endorsed Jewellery by Jaymie now ha) and we spoke of our shared birthday date, being firework babies and I said that the peace sign just had to be done. She really is the best!

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lauraslw said...

WHat a wonderful trip! I'm completely oober doober jealous of your photo with Alexa. Please let us know how you get on with the mascara and eyeliner! (I'm desperate for an eyeliner which doesn't end up smudged all around my eyes by 2pm!)