I can really shake 'em down

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 Mixture of my own photographs, the Flickr album and Future Cinema facebook page.

A few weekends ago, I could of been found at Hackney Downs, dressed in a white tied up shirt, denim shorts and pumps, for Future Cinema Presents Dirty Dancing. The downs was magically transformed into the Summer of 1963 at the Catskills resort of Kellermans

Upon arrival bell boys were at hand to take our bags, check in and entertainment crew ready to greet you with the bunny hop. Everyone had made so much effort, dressing up in different Baby's style outfits, prom style dresses and a plethora of Johnny style leathers and jeans. 

Before the film started there was a couple of hours of dance classes, activities such as hula hooping, painting and laughing yoga, leaving love notes for the dance instructors, drinking Kellerman special cocktails and watching Baby and the family arriving in style in a beautiful red Cadillac.

 After a beautiful sunset lit sky the film started and had everyone singing along and obviously saying lines out loud. Parts of it would be acted out in a non intrusive way by the actors as it happened on the screen. It was so much fun, lots of dancing and getting involved.

I can't wait to see what other films they will do in the near future. They've done Grease befoe which would of been amazing as well. I Was trying to think of other possible films that would be great... any suggestions? 

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Tori's Tales said...

Jaymie, this sound a- FRICKIN-mazing. I am super super jealous, what a fantastic idea!!