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Sofas: Not Just for the Living Room  
You may be accustomed to chilling out on a comfortable sofa in the living room, where you and your friends and family gather to enjoy each other’s company, but is the lounge the only room where you can have a settee? The answer is no! It depends on your home and what room you have to play around with but a sofa can go anywhere you like – if you’re going to have a use for it in a room, then why not? To match every interior design you will firstly need a great selection of free fabric samplesAn essential item to finish all fabric sofas and to make sure they fit into any of the following rooms.  

Perfect if you have a large, spacious kitchen/diner which you use as a communal area in which you and your loved ones can mingle, it shouldn’t just be about formal dining furniture. While these would be perfect for when you’re entertaining guests, what if you just want to chat to your other half whilst making dinner? Or keep an eye on the kids when you’re up to your neck in dishes? Quality fabric sofas that can be easily cleaned would be ideal and Sofas and Stuff have many options to suit your personal taste.  

If you have a master bedroom that’s large enough to incorporate a sofa, you can guarantee that it will bring a whole new light to your boudoir. Whether it’s relaxing upstairs after a hard day’s work, kicking off your shoes and relaxing on your sofa before enjoying a nice soak in the bath or a perfect place to hang out with your girlfriends before a night on the town, a sofa in a bedroom is a complete luxury. Think plush fabrics and classic lines to complement the décor.  

Teen Bedroom  
We all know that as our kids grow, time on their own is really important to them. As they reach their teenage years, most will prefer to chill out in their bedrooms with their mates, listening to music and playing video games and, while parents may not like the idea because it means they’re growing up, a comfy and cool sofa wouldn’t go amiss.  

Sofas and Stuff can bring luxurious comfort to more rooms than just the lounge – take a look at some of the incredible styles available and treat your home to some quality sofas this year. 
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