Vogue Australia: The Great Gatsby Features


If you're as eager beaver for the impending release of the new Baz Lurhman version of the Great Gatsby you will be counting the days to it's release (16th May!) Fitzgerald's tale of 1920s decadence, parties, socialites and the ill fated love affair between Gatsby and Daisy, is on my list of favourites.

May's Vogue Australia is an absolute dream (who knew?) My Dad downloaded it for me after seeing the mention of 'The Great Gatsby' and I literally swooned over costumes, behind the scenes images and editorial shoot based on the film. Perfection.  I just had to screen cap and show you all! Ah What I wouldn't give to go to 1920s America and live a day in the roaring, jazz listening, old fashion swigging,  glamourous gown wearing, charleston dancing, period.
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lilyfm said...

i'm far too excited about this!

Dj Mordia said...

Great and Voguish display of latest fashion clothes.. Loved it..!

howvintage said...

This shoot is AMAZING, it's making me even more excited for the movie. Carey looks so gorgeous here, it's much better than the shoot for American Vogue.