Printed Pets


Some new designs that I've been working on which you may have seen already if you follow me on Instagram (JaymieOC) I'm also working on a fox print and another unicorn pattern is in the pipeline. 

By Jaymie
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IllustrationNarration said...

I love the cat one! And a unicorn print would be amazing :) x

NIKA said...

Ohhhh:)! Would be great if you would make an IPHONE Case with Labs' (white/yellow labradors:)) too! I would really like to review such an IPHONE case from you on my blog too in the future - would sounds great or?

Bye and have a nice time!


Charlotte Eliza King said...

These are adorable !

Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

heeeyyy! love the kitties! so cute! :))

Raffles Bizarre said...

These are so very cute :D

Sally Barton said...

Ahh I love these, so cute! Dam not having an iPhone :(
I've just found your blog today and I love it, your illustrations are amazing and I love your other posts too :)
Following via bloglovin' :D xxx

Ellie Burns said...

SO CUTE!! i need the cat one, your designs are so pretty xx

Jane said...

Ooh these are super cute! They look really good on the iphone cases as well.

sasha siguen said...

hi dear! I just came across your blog and I think its wonderful! great post! I love the kittens ;) would you be interested in following each other via GFC and bloglovin? I always return the follow...leave me a comment and let me know please