Monday Inspiration


With the little bit of Sun thats emerged over yesterday and today (and actual warmth) it's naturally got me dreaming of flowers entwined in my hair, drinks in the garden, swims in the ocean, sun on my face and care free summer nights. I'm seething with jealousy with everyone who is enjoying the beautiful sun, air and Palm Springs (I miss you PS!) at Coachella. I want to go next year and plan to make this happen! 

How was everyones weekend? Did you get any sun and get to enjoy it?

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Just Dont Tell Anyone said...

oh wow! amazing photos! Love every one of them! Beautiful colors! :)
and I knooow..I feel the same. Here, in Lithuania, it's still quite cold, and still you can find some bits of a snow. Can't wait for the warmth and more more more more sun! :)
And Coachella! Great! have you ever been there? :) I watched some streaming.. loved the Jake Bugg's performance! :)
I've only been to Rock Werchter in Belgium. That festival proved my love to festivals.. Wish one day to visit US and have a chance to get to Coachella! :)

Loes White said...

These pictures have put me in such a summery mood, I'm determined to get myself a flower headband and wear it this Summer!

Loes x

Paige Francesca Bryan said...

Love all of these photo's, especially the summery vibe after this weekend gets me even more excited for summer (fingers crossed we get it anyway!) Paige xo

IllustrationNarration said...

Coachella is my dream <3 love love love this post, made me feel so summery! x

Dixx said...

these are some pretty inspirational pictures!

the sun just showed itself today, has been raining over the weekend.

Ashley Fauguel said...

I am just hoping that the sun starts to show its face soon (if hayfever can leave it out for a year that would be ace also..) ha x