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I thought that it was about time that I got around to sorting out my new give-away as it has been quite some time since I've done one and to be honest you are all amazing (gush!) with the emails, feedback, lovely compliments and support you give me in my art and jewellery work... I'll stop being such a wetty right now.

I decided that I would make it a pretty special giveaway by creating some of my favourite things (Icons and Cats obvz) they basically sum me and my shop up. I will be giving each item away when I reach a milestone...

 760 Blog followers:
I will be giving a Grace Kelly necklace away.
780 Blog followers:
 Audrey necklace
800 Blog followers:
Marilyn collar clips, Twiggy and James Dean necklace
Facebook likes: When I reach 300 likes I will give away Kitty necklace.
Pictures of items above, obviously will come with chains.

To enter you have to be a follower of my blog.
You can enter in a multiple of ways (the more you do the more likely you are to win)
By following my blog and commenting with who your favourite Icon of all time is and leaving your email or twitter name so that you can be easily contacted.
Liking my Facebook page and leaving a comment.
Mentioning the give-away in a blog post and linking.
Tweeting and linking this blogpost (@JaymieOC)
Or instaga-graming the image and @ing me.
Totally up to you but I look forward to seeing your entries!

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elleannie said...
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d0rkzlla said...
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d0rkzlla said...

Tavi Gevinson and Kathleen Hanna!

Carly said...

Ooo this is amazing! Just tweeted about it too :) With regards to a favourite icon, I might have to say Donna Tartt, an awesome author and she definitely has her own style. xxx

Alice said...

Oh lawdy! This is the best giveaway ever ever ever.

I'd have to say my favourite icon is either Morrissey (he may say some silly things but his voice always gets me through a late night revision sesh) or Edie Sedgwick for her impeccable style.

Lotsa love :)



Pip ♥ said...

omg, favourite icon ever is quite difficult! I think I might go obvious and say the Twiggy's eyelashes just put her straight to the top of my list, literally one of the most beautiful people to ever grace this earth (along with you of course sweetie ;) )

Pip x

raluca marie wolfski said...
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raluca marie wolfski said...

oh my goodness!
it's a hard choice. i don't have one favourite icon, but i always feel inspired by Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Alexa Chung or others i can't recall right now.
you make such pretty pieces, especially the collarpins !
i liked on facebook with Le Reveur.
i am following through gfc with raluca marie wolfski.
and i have instagrammed your image and mentioned you (@theshewolff)

char said...

I'd love to enter - I follow via gfc and my twitter name is @dinoprincesschr and I'll tweet as well. xx