What I wore NYE, Michelle & I (I do have dick written on my finger, apologies!) My tipple of choice, Burrito NY day morning, Michelle & I NY day, Shopping, Life of Pi, A lovely list ♥ Gatsby stealing my bed, Bubble baths, Sally & I, Lana Del Rey custom necklace, Trafalgar Sq Christmas tree before it was taken down, National Portrait Gallery, Marilyn exhibition, Gatsby feeling pensive, Chip shop dinner with australians.

The first week of 2013 has been pretty good, It's been filled with seeing friends and catch ups. As well as starting new years work, goals and brainstorming ideas. I've already managed to do some of the things I wanted to do this year and will divulge more about that soon in my goals post as well as a few things to look forward to in 2013, so keep those peepers peeled!

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The Robyn Diaries said...

I never bought a fujifilm camera, you've just inspired me to finally buy one on payday :D x

bambi legs said...

this lana necklace is so beaut! you also remind me of the wonderful alexa chung xx

Becky said...

LOVE your cat's name. Glad your 2013 has got off to a good start! xo

IllustrationNarration said...

Love your NYE outfit! That list is so cute :) x

Heather said...

Cute cat and the macaroons looks yummy! :)