2013 Wishes
For my life to be filled with positivitiy, Success and Love.
My friends, family and myself to be healthy and happy.
To have more confidence in myself, abilites and not be so hard on myself.
Have oppurtunites come my way and grab them whenever possible.
Carpe Diem.
Travel more even to places in the U.K which I haven't been to before.

Be more social, make new friends and see more of my best friends
Push myself out of comfort zone more
Comment on blogs that I read more often
Do what makes me happy
Be more organised
Go to more gigs
Read more
Save Money
Say yes more
Work hard

Work Goals
Experiment with making new things like desigining mugs, coasters, notebooks etc
Be featured in more magazines, websites and create some artwork for publications
Send jewellery pieces to magazine fashion editors and artwork to magazine emails
Do a couple of craft fairs or markets
Network at events and meet ups
Make up new business cards
Decided properly on my new header
Work on my ideas for packagaing and design
Sell prints and do more orignal canvases for my new Etsy Shop
Work more on Canvas

Things I would like to do this year...
Visit my friend Abi in the Lake District
Stay at my Auntie and Uncles and sketch in the forest
Visit Dom and Maddy (adopted Grandma and Grandad that met whilst in California)
Set up seperate account to keep business and personal separate
See Singing in the rain, Matilda and War Horse the theatre shows
Try Honest Burger and Breakfast club grub
Go to Disneyland Paris for halloween
Spa Weekend for my 24th Birthday
Book a holiday for June
Have a Harry Potter-athon
The 02 walk
Try a pole dancing class
Keep a jar and put notes in with good memories, stubs, quotes to look back on at end of the year
Ebay my life with everything I don't wear or want anymore
Get my bird tattoos on my arms

2013 Films
Life of Pi
Gangster Squad
The Great Gatsby
Despicable Me 2
A portrait of James Dean
Oz The Great and Powerful
Hunger Games: Catching Fire

James Dean Mutant King
Ballet Shoes
Life of Pi
The Historian
Lulu Bartleys guide to English Style

This blog post is more a general ticking list for myself, but you can also get an insight into the kind of things I would like to achieve and have set myself as goals for 2013. It's a place where I can visually see what I've done and what I still would like to do, I might add some things over time as well when I get a spot of inspiration.


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Katie said...

Some impressive goals there! I have some creative sort of goals I hope to finish. I admire your dedication to your work and setting up your own business. I'm sure you'll have a fantastic year!

IllustrationNarration said...

This is a great list - hope you manage to achieve some of them and 2013 is amazing for you :) x

Sophie (Little Mittens.) said...


Lucy Farrington said...

Some lovely goals - the Lake District is so beautiful, and I agree to saying yes more and pushing myself out of my comfort zone - let's hope 2013 is gonna be a good one! ^.^


dani said...

first of all i gotta say that i love those little cat boxes! also i am a stylist and often submit to online magazines at the moment and would love to use some of your jewellery for a shoot in the future :)

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