An O'C kind of Christmas.

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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas can't believe it's alread been a week... I hope you spent the day having fun, taking it easy, opening presents and eating lots. These photos are pretty much a fair representation of how the O'C household spend the festive period, baking, watching films, bucks fizz, board games and relaxing. I had a really lovely family Christmas, one of the best. It's one of the last Christmases my older Brother will be spending here in England as him and his girlfriend will be emigrating to Australia next year, so we made the most of the time and really made this Christmas count. I got thoroughly spoilt my sister got me a canon digital SLR which was a total surprise, Lot's of lovely jetoy choo choo goodies (my favourite cat!) money, Marilyn and James Dean books, hats and various other little lovelies!

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Annarack said...

I love the look of the mince pies and your cat hiding under the tree and modelling the hat is adorable.