Jack Frost


Some wintry, icicle, frost inspired nails using my shimmer mermaid lilac topshop nail polish and these glittering bad boy Models Own polishes from the Wonderland collection just on the tips of the nails. Glitter nail polishes are definitely my weakness, definitely have a bit of a magpie tendency there.
This photo was obviously taken before I had my tattoos done on Friday.

I had a little full moon and crescent on my fingers which to me represent change and how things are always evolving, so when I feel sad I have a visual representation to remind me of that. I also had my little heart outline on my wrist done as my holiday memory of the emblem of San Francisco which was our last stop on our Californian trip. I'm all about the little doodley tattoos. 

I'm so looking forward to this weekend. I'm volunteering through Disney for Make a Wish foundation in London on the no traffic day for two hours before meeting up with my sister and friend Emma to go to the lovely Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland and then for a fakesgiving meal at The Diner (because we quite clearly feel American) Then on Sunday they're Reindeer and Huskies at a nearby Garden Centre and my friend and I cannot say no to cute festive animals and offerings of hot chocolate. What are you lovely lot up to this weekend?

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daisychain said...

Your tattoos look amazing! x

Heather Louise said...

I love glitter nail varnishes too esp at this time of year.

Your tattoos are really cute, I love small tattoos.