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I've still got quite a lot of photos to share for California, I'm currently about half way through the trip with the posts! There's quite a lot to say about Vegas so only skim if you're not so bothered, save your eyes. But I've included some of my favourite things I did whilst I was there.

We left Arizona early and drove on Route 66 we made a stop of to visit one of the best souvenir shops owned by Angel Delgadillo a guy who had a massive part in the re-invention and progression on this part of the Route. I would definitely recommend going there if you happen to ever be on the same route as it is very 'american' and a amazing part of history as well as being able to pick up some cheap but amazing route 66 memorabilia!

Playing in Vegas

We weren't to far from Vegas now and when we arrived our first sight of the city was of the Stratosphere, seeing it in daylight is so different to what it looks like in the evening, it's crazy. We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street. Our hotel was particularly prolific in the 70s and had that very classic 'Vegas' feel, from downtown you can take the deuce bus we costs about $6 for a 24 hour pass, this takes you all the way to the strip. Only thing about it which is annoying, it takes so bloody long! Next time I go to Vegas we've already decided that staying at Caesars is a must, it even has a day spa... perfect!

On the first night we tour to see the whole strip, the lights and illuminations and to to go into some of the hotels and see the Bellagio water fountain show which is a different, flamboyant show set to music which is on every 15 minutes. We all then had a stop at the famous Vegas Sign to have our photos taken natch. It was about 10 after the tour so we went back to the hotel to see the Fremont experience which is an attraction on the mall outside the hotel. The night involved cocktails, starbucks, walking down the strip with bright blue Fat Tuesday cocktail slushies, finding Caesars and quoting the Hangover.

On our last day in Vegas we went on a morning tour to see the change in Vegas during the sunlit hours.  We spent the day shopping, Going on the New York New York roller coaster and eating the best burger that I've ever had at the Broadway Burger Bar  inside NYNY hotel. We hung out by the swimming pool at the Golden Nugget in the evening which has a shark tank pool. That evening three of us went to the Stratosphere to go on the ride the big shot. I've literally never so scared for a ride and me and my sister found it hilarious as we are white knuckles but were literally cacking ourselves as soon as we got to the top of the Stratosphere I couldn't even look at the ride as the people before us had their turn. As scary as it was at the beginning the views were insane and exciting. We had guest list for Bank at the Bellagio (apparently Bradley Cooper was there, sob sob) but it was about 11.45 when we left the ride so was far to late to make the 10 o'clock cut off. Instead we went to the Planet Hollywood casino and to the pussycat dolls bar for a free drink and entry, pretty much if you walk down the strip you will be accosted and have free wristbands tied round your wrist without asking. Cosmpolitan to the Bond bar, The Cosmopolitan is one of the newest hotels on the strip and is very striking from the impressive chandelier bar, classic furniture and decoration.

Jaymie after Vegas just for the lolz, Check out my Alan Hangover Tee ;)

I already can't wait to the next time I go to Vegas, there's so much to see and do that it was impossible to cram it all in in the 1.5 day and 2 nights we were there! I want to have chilled cocktail pool times, swim, have grown up drinks and meal, a show, have some crazy nights at some of the clubs in the hotels, learn poker and indulge in one of this famous Vegas buffets.

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Miki said...

Awe, cool pics! I went to Calico when I went to Vegas, too. It's an interesting place to visit. Did you stop at Peggy Sue's Diner? It's very close to Calico, an original 50s diner. It's really cute and the buffet breakfast is the best :p.

Hope you're having a great week! ;D


Annarack said...

Looks and sounds like you had a trip of a life time. I would love to visit that Route 66 shop and see the fountain and of course go shopping in Vegas. That sink with the flowers print is so beautiful.

Jaymie said...

it was amazing, California is definitely one of my favourite places, as well as America generally! those were the sinks inside the Paris hotel and they were such pretty toilets <3 xxx

Diana Marks said...

awesome photos! love Vegas!
You have a wonderful blog! Do you want to follow each other? Follow my blog on Bloglovin'. Let me know in my comments and I will follow back ;)

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Ellie said...

I can't even look at your photos too much, it makes me too sad. I just want to be back there. Wonderful photos though Jaymie. Can't believe you got to see Angel! He's a legend! x

Jaymie said...

Aw Ellie it kind of makes me sad and happy looking at the photos aha miss it SO much I just want to live there so bad :((( xxxx