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We arrived in Los Angeles on Tuesday the 19th Septemeber to stay at The Maya Doubletree Hilton in Longbeach. We kinda just hit they hay watching cartoon network after a 11 hour flight we were pretty cream crackered. 

The first morning I woke up really refreshed (if you know me, you know this never happens) at about 6am in time to watch the sunrise and gorge on java coffee, coffee of kings! We then visited the Hollywood bowl, Saw the Hollywood sign, Went to Hollywood boulevard, walk of fame and chinese theatre, drove through Beverely hills, spotting the shop from Pretty Woman, had lunch at a Farmers market, apples are redonk expensive in California! Got really excited as we embarked on Universal Studios and the heat had got pretty intense now so was looking forward to some air conned rides and getting onto the Jurassic park water flume! Literally dried in minutes. Learnt I loved EVAC from transformers and that crazy german people find Simpsons hilarious.

Our 2nd day in Long beach we had free to chill, Me and Lindy decided to go further on the free shuttle bus downtown to explore and try find Walmart (twinkles, lucky charms, M&Ms galore!) We had also learnt that the Endevaour shuttle happened to be returning to California on a flypass which every Californian seemed to be excited about and we got caught up in the buzz, we got back to the hotel and decided to sunbathe by the ocean where others had gathered to watch it fly past the Queen Mary we ended up waiting 2 hours and had got fed up so had decided to get the bus back downtown with the others but the road was packed with cars. We ended up seeing it anyways then chilled by the pool instead drinking frozen pina coladas. We had a pretty chilled evening spent around campfire drinking dark rum and coke, listening to Katy Perry waking up in Vegas and laughing.

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