shake it like a polaroid picture


One of my new designs added to the shop this week, I love polaroid cameras and even though mines IRL is a fuji instax I think they're just perfect for capturing good memories. This necklace can be made with a specific little polaroid shot, maybe a little kitty kat, beach, cup of tea. Possibilities are endless... except remember it'll be small! I've got free shipping this weekend use 'FREE' at checkout.
 No reason to not make a sneaky purchase ;) Also quite a lot of pieces I've only one available off now and I'm not sure if I'll be making more.

This week has mostly been about watching the olympics and feeling a little poorly, tucked up in bed sleeping! I am so proud of Britain and all we are achieving, we are currently 3rd in the medals table. Has the olympics made anyone else the biggest perve alive? Everyones so freaking beautiful.

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Grace said...

This necklace is amazing!!! And yes, the Olympics has been giving us ALOT of eye candy. I could just stare at the screen all day. Haha xxx

Safira Ali said...

Love this! The camera is so cute!

Folio said...

Amazing necklace (: such an original idea to have the camera and the photo! x

Imogen Smith said...

That tiny polaroid is adorable!!


Sindy said...

cute necklace! and I'm totally engrossed in the Olympics!

Jaz xo said...

You come up with the cutest little designs <3

Oh my god Jaymie what you said about making Pippin into a necklace, genius! PLEASE do! How brilliant would that be for my giveaway? Actually, I wouldn't want to give it away... xo

Sam Hutchinson said...

This is so so pretty! We had a polaroid camera when I was a kid, such good memories xxx