Proud Britain

Last week like a lot of Londoners and the rest of Britain I was left feeling bereaved, like a sudden, exciting new love had come into my life offering new experiences, ventures, warm embraces, smiles and the occasional offerings of flowers and jewellery then as sudden as he had come into my life he had gone, I had woken up and he was no longer around to comfort me. I was shocked by how much I got into the Olympics and that I really enjoyed and got enthralled by lots of the sports, not just when Britain was competing (though these were the most nail biting and lip curling endured moments I will remember!) I really do think the Olympics have been amazing for our Country and the feelings of pride and togetherness was so palatable in the city. 

Tonight brings the start of the Paralympics and I hope everyone get's behind the team and just as excited by this. It will definitely feel the 5 olympic ring sized holes left in our hearts and make them swell with pride. In so many ways the Paralympic athletes have had to go through so much heartache, adversity and gruelling training, yet they are amazing athletes, driven and determined. So much inspiration to be taken from the next week and a half. 

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Folio said...

This is such a lovely post - the illustration is amazing and I felt exactly the same as you about the Olympics! I didn't actually think I'd be interested in the sports but I basically watched all of them and got really excited by things like Mo Farah and Jess Ennis! :) x

Laura Collins said...

Your illustrations are so lovely! I think the olympics should last longer, or be every year! haha x

Poppy Smith said...

What a gorgeous illustration, you are a talented lady.
I'm also missing the olympics, I've never been sporty but this time I absorbed myself in sport and enjoyed every moment. Buzzing for the paralympics!


Jaz xo said...

What a lovely illustration! You talented lady! xo

Philippa said...

What a great illustration to represent London 2012. I agree with you, my life feels so empty now, but I'm really looking forward to the Paralympics. They are superhumans!


Jenny said...

beautiful drawing!



Mlle W said...

wow, did you draw that?

And yes, I'd love to own a houseboat in Amsterdam (or anywhere) too but they're pricy for both the boat as the place to stall them

*MlleWanderlust *

Diamond Solitaire said...

Your illustrations are amazing x

Diamond Solitaire said...

Your illustrations are amazing x