Norma Jeane


Norma Jeane Baker you are missed.

Sunday marked the 50 years that have passed since Marilyn Monroe left this earth. Ever inspiring and iconic as she ever was in the 1950s she will forever be remember as the screen siren, confident, vivacious, hourglass, alluring sex bomb. Forever missed and a true inspiration.


Earlier this month I was even more nostalgic and in awe of Marilyn then usual especially with my friend Amelia who is a huge Marilyn Monroe lover. It's weird to think that we feel so sad and that we know so much about her and love her just as much as people who were actually alive when she was. Sunday the 5th  marked the anniversary of her death. I think Gatsby even became enthralled by her by sitting a top my desk and diving into this character book I bought for a meagre £3 ages ago whilst in Bristol!

Today also marks 66 years since Norma Jeane started using the name 'Marilyn Monroe' after receiving her first contract from Fox Studios!

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Marta said...

I love Marilyn! Her pictures are all over my room. I love your work :)x

Temporary:Secretary said...

So in love with the cat pics!!! I'm always in awe of your work, and it always makes me feel like drawing again but i never have the time :( x

Law said...

It's crazy to think she would be that old now! You are so talented lady, love these. Can I steal the cat please, too cute x

Millie said...

she was a real beauty. aw i think gatsby could give marilyn a run for her money though hahaha x