Olivia & Audrey


The beautiful and equally as lovely Olivia from What Olivia Did wearing a Jewellery by Jaymie Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey necklace, Olivia is definitely rocking an outfit Audrey herself would be proud of, especially the beehive! If you would like a necklace similar to this Audrey one get in contact as it can be a commissioned piece.

It's coming up to my blogs 2nd birthday tomorrow! Can't believe had this little blog for two years It's time for me to look back at my old posts and cringe a fair bit! I do love how it reminds me of things I've done, literally a kind of  journal of the past two years. I love how my old posts are all messy and over the place... to be honest they're probably not much better now haha. I haven't improved all that much in all that time.

I've got some new blog posts lined up which include a series on interesting and inspiring film directors, some new favourite blogger outfit illustrations, Style Notes type posts on trends/ looks/ styles I am loving the most especially with A/W now coming up (my favourite seasons, especially for clothes and style!) and I am going to try and aim to do a today illustration post once a week, obviously depending on how interesting my week or outfits have been ha! Is there anything you would like to see that I haven't done or maybe bring back? Help inspire me you lovely lot.

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Petra said...

love the necklace so much <3

Loes Elizabeth said...

love that necklace! it's beautiful x


Dancing Branflake said...

She's beautiful! And happy early blog birthday!

Eloise said...

i would love to see more outfit posts :) xxx