Olympic Torch Relay on Monday, Sitting in the sun on Tuesday with green tea, London map, Damien Hirst exhibition, Blink 182 gig which was never meant to be sob.

 This weeks been a bit of a monumental fail, the only things that have gone right and enjoyed were anything to do with the olympics really... The torch relay, the opening ceremony and the gathering I went to to watch it. Apart from that everything seems to have been cancelled or cease to exist, Wanted to do pilates on Sunday, fully booked. Aquafit on Tuesday, no teacher. Blink 182, Mark Hoppus ill. Cocktails in Dalston Saturday the place we had a deal for was closed. Basically hope I have a bit more luck this week. Plus I'm still sore from my 2nd training session from Saturday mainly the front of my thighs and walking down stairs is the bane of my life right now! 

I'm really getting into the olympics and I'm someone who does't really enjoy watching sport (well football, cricket, tennis...) I have got completely caught up in the excitement of it being in London. I'm pretty gutted I haven't got tickets to anything. My brother and his girlfriend went to the swimming yesterday and I'm so jealous they've been in the olympic village!

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Pip ♥ said...

I'm getting really caught up in the Olympics too, which is weird because I'm one of the least sporty people I know! I hope you have a better time this week! :(

Pip x

Josephine Pearl said...

I'm really enjoying the olympics too, the diving yesterday really had me on the edge of my seat and just watched the archery :)(were through to the next round) Im really sad I didn't get tickets too, my bf brothers band are playing in the olympic village tomorrow and would of loved to go too! I'm coming down to London for the closing ceremony, just to experience the atmosphere in London etc. :) can't wait. Great pictures :)

Jo. x