Cruel to be Kind


Cat cuddles are my favourite!

What a wash out of a weekend! Can't believe it's July... Had a pretty lazy weekend apart from running errands in town yesterday in-between rain showers! My weekend has involved lots of cat cuddles, reading, watching films and naps, this weather just seems to make me increasingly drowsy. We've had Gatsby a month today and he went for his first vaccinations at the Vets yesterday, he's grown so much and seems to be getting fluffier, n'aaaw.

I've just watched '10 things I Hate About You' and feel all nostalgic. After years of not watching it because at school they went through a phase on those 'mufti' type school days they would whack it on in English (because of the whole Shakespeare link) Even though I was only 9 when it came out it was one of my Sisters favourite films so I remember watching it, Late 90s film bless, full of a healthy dose of No Doubt, Gwen Steffani-esque music, Greasy haired Julia Stiles, Alex Mack (the girl not the character, anyone remember that series?) Heath and Joseph.

What's everyone else been up to this weekend? I hope it's been more exciting then mine!


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Alice said...

I love 10 Things I Hate About You! I remember being bored out of my mind when my sister watched it loads when I was little, but I love it now :')
Your kitty is the cutest, so fluffy.
And I know what you mean about the weather, I feel like hibernating! xoxo

Ciara Baron said...

aaaaw, Gatsby is adorable! My weekend hasn't been much more successful. I'm pretty sure I didn't move from my sofa yesterday, and today I got up early to go to my dad's house. I haven't moved from my dad's sofa since midday. Woops.
Oh well, I'll power on tomorrow!

Laura Collins said...

Your cat is the most cutest thing ever! It has reminded me how much i always said I wanted a ginger kitten! haha

I love 10 things I hate about you! Heath Ledger is an absolute babe in it! Must've watched it 1000 times back in the day! xx

Poppy Smith said...

I watched ten things I hate about you too tonight! So much nostalgia, but unfortunately my cats wern't as sociable as yours and didn't watch it with me haha

Poppy xxxxxxxxxx

Emma said...

Your kitten is adorable!.


Sam Hutchinson said...

10 Things I Hate About You is on my list of films to watch, somehow I've lived my 17 years without watching it! By the way, I did a post tonight about the ring you sent me that I won in the giveaway :-) xxx

Dancing Branflake said...

I love Ten Things! Love it!