Blogger Love: Little Magpie

Amy - The Little Magpie

Another of my favourite blogs at the moment has got to be The Little Magpie. Amy's style is a wonderland of grunge, rock, girly dresses and gorgeous accessories. Her blog is definitely a go to for style inspiration. 


Last night I was meant to go to see Blink 182 last night in Brixton, but unfortunately Mark Hoppus was taken ill so they had to cancel! Gutted, I still really need to see them live. 

Who's looking forward to the Olympics now then? I've got to admit it with most things like the royal wedding and Jubilee I start off not that bothered but not being one of those poo-pooers either but then as it gets closer and more exciting I get all caught up in it. Especially this week it just re-illeterates how much I love living in London and as close to central as I do (I'm repping it for the south londoners) yesterday during the day I was on the south bank early and it was so sunny, full of river breeze and an buzz in the air. I'm going to an olympic opening ceremony gathering tonight to watch it on television with drinks, snacks and perhaps some olympic inspired games! What are you lovely lot up to?

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Rhiannon Owen said...

Thanks for linking to the blog, she's one I'm defintely going to start following! :)
I saw Blink in Birmingham and they were awesome! Hopefully you get to see them soon!

Rhiannon xx

Anthony Carmen said...

Another really cute illustration! What media do you use to make them? :)

Jaymie said...

Thank you :)
I use a fine liner permanent pen and watercolours for these types of illustrations!

Lauren Jay said...

This is a fab pic of Amy, bet she loves it! x

Laura Collins said...

That illustration is amazing!
You have a such a talent! xx

Kfedland said...

this is amazing! amy is going to love it. not only does amy look hawttt in real life, but even drawing her, i fancy the illustration!x

Josephine Pearl said...

Love this drawing! your so talented. I thought the opening ceremony was fantastic, so proud to be British :)
I'm heading down to London to watch the closing ceremony in one of the parks and just enjoy the atmosphere in London. Can't wait!!

Jo. x