Cupcakes at Lindsey Kelks book launch, Victoria train station bunting galore.

1. Friday night I went to the Lindsey Kelk book launch for I heart London at The Marie Claire offices (officially in love with the building, needs me a job there!) she is such a lovely girl, very funny and friendly. I'm totally jealous of her living in New York though... this will be me in the future (cross everything!) I've only previously read I heart New York which if you want to go to New York or have been you will just love, you can't help imagining yourself as the character which is perfect.

2. On Saturday I went to the Hyde Park Jubilee Family Festival which was a lot of fun. My friends parents won two lots of tickets and so she invited me along. Started of at the Disney tent and literally our inner 5 year old emerged and we made pretty bejewelled crowns, ate free popcorn and candy floss. We also really wanted to get face painted (I wanted super pretty, hippy, sparkly flowers around my eyes) but the cue was crazy and we forgot to go back later. We got to sidetracked by lots of different tents offering freebies like Walkers crisps and coppola apple juice... isn't free stuff just the best? The amazing wicker horse puppet and actors from the theatre show War Horse were also there (the horses even had there own carriage) as well as a Disney concert spectacular in the evening. Even though I was kinda cold the whole day, at about 3pm it got intensely hot and sunny for like two hours and this resulted in a burnt forehead and cheekbones, gah.

3. Did anyone watch any of the pageant on the Thames yesterday? Thank god I didn't go into Town yesterday as was meant to be going to a street party in Old Street for the Book Club, the weather would have made for one miserable, complaining, annoying Jaymie. I thought Queenie looked really lovely though as well as Kate in that gorgeous orangey red shade.

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Qwerty said...

The Jubilee family festival sounds like so much fun! The bunting's amazing :) I watched the flotilla, wish the weather could have been better! x

Pip said...

OMG, those cakes!!! I also really want to go to New York one day, maybe live there for a while? I don't think I could live there forever though... I saw the pageant, it looked amazing, but I'm so glad I watched it on TV, and I wasn't actually there, it looked so wet!! The choir right at the end were soaked! And I felt sorry for all the people who had their works of art ruined :(

Pip x