sun goes down

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Film Inspiration: Wanderlust
Book Inspiration: Confessions of a Groupie
Art Inspiration: Pre-Raphelite
Hair Inspiration: Isabel Lucas
Colour Inspiration: Charlotte Free
Fashion Inspiration: Versace

This week the girls and I got down to double figures for our L.A summer holiday countdown. So I'm pretty much yearning for my Californian summer look which is clearly going to be channeling the 70s, hippy, Californian look with fun prints, denim, leather, palm trees, long(er) haired, feather embellished, charm encrusted, sun glowed type girl. I'm pretty sure my hair just is not growing though and I'm really in need of bleaching the ends to make it lighter so I can whack some pastel through it. Even though I'm so excited for my Holiday in September and to finally get some Summer, this horrible cold weathers made me think of A/W and composing a mental wish list (a new faux fur coat, brown leather jacket with faux sheep skin, chunky long gem toned scarfs, marl knit jumpers, masculine shoes) and I'm certainly in the mood for festive films all ready... oh dear!

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Sarah Miller said...

I love the whole hippy look! Flowing locks and Lennon glasses will look awesome for festivals! Hope you get your look! x