The morals were looser the liquor was cheaper


I am really really really excited for this version of the Great Gatsby to hit the big screens this Christmas! It is probably one of the best trailers for a movie I've ever seen. I particularly love the music that's used to contrast with the imagery, instead of going with the typical jazz kind of music you might suspect to accompany it, Although with it being by the director Baz Luhrmann who also directed Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet you can expect something a little un-conventional and golden. 

New York, 1920s decadence, fashion, Art deco, Drama and glitz. Pretty much my perfect movie! I still need to finish the book... bad I know, I started it way back in March but then I lost it whilst half way through and still haven't found it so instead of purchasing again I'm thinking of hitting the library for a copy. 

Also Leonardo is looking smoking hot, no?

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Annarack said...

I have been anticipating to see this film too. Baz Luhrmann is one of my favourite directors and I'm sure this film will be great, especially with Leonardo DiCapro in it. Also I like that music at the beginning who sang it again?

Sam Hutchinson said...

I'm SO excited to see this, the release date's too far away, I can't cope!