Jubiee Give-Away Winners


 Queens Coronation Illustration & workspace

I've been so lame on the blog front as of later and with announcing the winners to all of the pieces for the Give-Away I announced on twitter the first two then life and celebrations got a little in the way! As with Kate & Williams wedding last year which completely enthralled me and got me and a little bit obsessed with the Royal Family.The Jubilee got me just as much once again. There's something very endearing and touching about the Queen... Prince Charles speech at the concert on Monday night was so sweet and the whole crowd chanting 'Phillip' was touching. The whole celebration was just emotional (look at me becoming a royalist, eek) I think the Queen reminds me of my Grandma and also got me reflecting and thinking how much she would have loved the whole celebratory fanfare of the Jubilee. 

Jubilee Give-Away Winners
Bunting Ring - Samantha Hutchinson @samlikesjam
Bowler Hat Necklace - Danielle Rose @Dani_elle
 Crown Jewels Ring: Jazxo

 Jubilee Queen Ring : Sophieraee 
 Crowning Queen Necklace : EmmaBee

Thank you everyone that entered and well done to the winners above! If you're reading this and are one of the winners please leave a comment with your email. otherwise if you provided your email previously I will be in contact with you soon to get your address to send your piece of to.

I've also today upgraded Jewellery by Jaymie to allow for more items to be listed as  I have lots of new pieces and designs coming up. I was busy making and creating this weekend. I hope everyone will like them! I'm also stupidly excited because this weekend I am attending my very first wedding but if you follow me on twitter you'll know that when I return on the Sunday I will be picking up my new kitten, I literally cannot wait!

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Danielle Rose said...

Hey lovely Thank you so much my email is

sophieraee said...

thank you so much, i'm so excited i cant stop smiling! my e-mail is bookieworm@hotmail.co.uk

Qwerty said...

I loved the Jubilee too! I love the Royal Family, hope you had a great Jubilee weekend :) x

Sam Hutchinson said...

My email address is samirific@live.co.uk, or you can message me on Twitter @samlikesjam

Eloise said...

saw the flyer for the damien hirst exhibition you had pinned up, i'm going on wednesday and i'm sooo excited, i also booked for me and my mum to go to the chocolate tea you posted about on your blog so thanks for featuring that!!

eloise xxx

Jaz xo said...

I can't believe I didn't see this?! I'm really sorry haha. Thank you so much! Just got my order through and the Queen necklace was a lovely surprise. I'm still confused because it says on here I won the ring but I'm happy with either so thanks again and sorry I didn't get in contact sooner! xo