Gatsby Chronicals


Because you love cats as much as I do right? right! I've had Gatsby just over a week now and he's making his teeth and claws not be a stranger (ouch!) He's still as adorable, playful and affectionate though so we'll let him off!

- I've been feeling in a little bit of a funk this beginning of the week, zapped of all energy, motivation and positive thoughts. I just hope I can snap out of it and feel better! I'm trying to get myself back on track though by restarting the 30 day shred yesterday, as it's 3 months til I go on holiday and I figure that gives me plenty of time to get in shape, healthier and toned. I kicked started it all by doing a Legs, Bums and Tums class on Saturday with my friend which was really good, hard but good! Starting the beginning of July as well I will be going completely gluten free again as some of you may know I went gluten free a while back but after a few misdemeanours (such as eating a believed to be gluten free cupcake at a wedding it turned out only the big cake was, oops) I haven't succeeded with being completely free of it. Although obviously I've cut back a lot! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me blogging any results/ recipes/ how I'm getting on with it? 

- I Just finished the last instalment of The Hunger Games trilogy 'Mockingjay' I can't say I'm a massive fan of the last book. I loved the first one, as well as the film. The second book I still liked but was clearly not as great as the first book. But with Mockingjay, a lot of it, I just couldn't visualise, even with the vast descriptions of everything happening. It all just became a bit of a blur and felt a bit jumbled up in my head. The film might be pretty good version of events though as it'll be very action packed and exciting I would imagine! Has anyone else read the whole trilogy?

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Annarack said...

I hope you will be ok love x

BTW I have died and gone to heaven after ooooohing and arhhhing at your kitten. He is so cute that I want to do that coochycoo thing with his cheeks. So TINY!!!!

thegirlabouttown... said...

OMG He is just toooo gorgeous! I love him! Awww :)

So know what you mean about the last Hunger Games book, I'm two thirds of the way through and feel a little confused by what's actually going on and who's who!? Fist was def the best! xx

helen at thelovecatsINC said...

so cute oh my gosh!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

millie said...

raaaaaaa such a cutie! :) how d'you get any work done when he's around?! i'd just be oohing and ahhing over him all day hahaha!
yeah definitely blog about your gluten free foods, it's always good to hear of different stuff to try :) x

Qwerty said...

He is so adorable! Hope you feel a bit better :) Gatsby should cheer you up! x

Kfedland said...

please don't be mad at me when gatsby has gone missing, because i catnapped him.x

Aimee Victoria Long said...

I found your blog because you follow Ashley’s blog (Ring my bell) and I thought I would check out a few other Bloggers that follow her. She has great style and I really like your as well. You have a awesome blog and this post is great, what a cute cat, i love animals! It would be cool if we could follow each other!
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Sam Hutchinson said...

He's absolutely gorgeous, so so cute! I can't get over how fluffy he is! Fantastic name too :-) Hope your feeling better soon, I'd love to hear how the 30 Day Shred goes! xxx

Charlotte Musha said...

I'm not normally a cat person but Gatsby is super cute! xx