Yesterday I upgraded Jewellery by Jaymie to allow for new stock and lots more pieces to be added again this will be a long process more likely then not as want to re-shoot images as the lighting annoys me with the white background as never comes out the same colour background in all photos! But I have added New pieces to Jewellery by Jaymie, first up to be blogged our the new little Animal friends (except Dapper Cat who has made a return to the shop! More styles of him to come) Tea & Bunny necklaces and this little Hedgehog fella. Let me know what you think? And any possible animals you might like to see? Mr Pug necklace will be back up on the shop as well just need to take some new photographs of it.

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Vicky said...

Aww, these are so cute x

Annarack said...

These are very cute and beautifully drawn.

Chloë Rose said...

These are adorable, I would buy anything pug-related! And I personally have a love for hamsters... hamster necklace!

Qwerty said...

The hedgehog is the cutest necklace I have EVER SEEN ;) x

Charlotte Musha said...

Yay for hedgehogs! Looks like the exact same shocked expression Peppa has when you catch her being naughty :-)

Sarah Miller said...

Love the rabbits!

Patric Ronald said...

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