Photos taken using a mixture of Nikon Coolpix camera and a Lumix G2.

Egg and Cress roll, Twinings tea, Tea and champagne, The Notebook, Nicholas Sparks signing, Prettiest daisy chocolate smuggled from sisters birthday tea, Yoo Moo frozen yogurt addiction, Rome collesium, Croissant and coffee, sunning myself in Rome, New Queen necklaces, Prototype magazine work, Sushi treats, New Peruvian bracelets, Candle light, Dr Martens! 

Some photos and bits and pieces I've done over the past two weeks or so. I can't believe this time last week I was in Rome sunning myself and getting a bit burnt. Now looking out of the window all I see, wait for a shocker... rain and even more rain. AH! When will it stop? Seriously, can't imagine having a Summer this year! I know it's only May but still. It's felt like it's been like this non stop for agggges.

I started the 30 day shred on Monday so I'm only on my 4th day today. But good god, how my bodies been aching! It's felt a little better today but still hurting in the thighs. Also in my high octane exciting life I had to go to the dentist yesterday to have a filling and repair a small chip to a teeth, so treated myself to some vegetarian sushi from morrisons and catching up with New Girl and The Waking Dead whilst feeling a bit poorly. 

Hope everyones having a good week!


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Kelli Una Finn said...

oo I really want to do the 30 shred, I was doing insanity but I just struggle to fit it in with my day when at work. I really really want to go to Rome, I had an obsession with the Roman times as a child and since then I have always been intrigued I would be the person pestering the tour guides

Charis said...

Loving your Queen necklaces!