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Jubilee Cupcake, Nasty messy hair, Time I got a watch... and I did, H&M Pineapple bag!

How was everyones weekend? I went to see Mystery Jets at Brixton on Friday which as you can imagine was awesome (if you've read my blog for a while, you'll probably realise they are one of my favs) Saturday I used to try and catch up with certain bits like running errands at the post office, returning bits but after all that I pretty much spent it slobbing out and catching up various TV series which I'm behind with. Seriously how good is that Pineapple bag though?!

After reading up on Gluten/ Wheat intolerance's my Mumma had an epiphany and realised it sounded very much like it fitted me and some sypmptons I suffer from we did a massive gluten-free tesco order online which came today. It's a bit harder then I thought being vegetarian along side with it as unfortunately Quorn mince (which I love) has wheat in it,  siiiigh. I'm interested to see how I feel after a week of having no wheat! I would love to know if any of you guys have an intolerance to certain foods too or decide to cut it out of your diet for whatever reason.

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Annarack said...

I love all of your photos!!! That bag is flippin AWESOME!!!!! Me wants one, did they have other designs too and how much was it also?

About ya diet, I totally get how tough it is especially the first week. I'm not really meant to have dairy, yeast or sugar and that diet is very hard going.

Imogen Smith said...

I have a friend who is wheat intolerant and also a veggi, she finds it hard also, but there are plenty of 'free from' foods available in supermarkets now :) it's just a case of adapting your diet x

The Robyn Diaries said...

I went to see Mystery Jets too on friday, how sweet was it when papa harrison came on stage <3 that cup cake looks immense x

skye said...

that cupcake looks amazing!!
i am a coeliac and have been now for 2 1/2 years- it can be really tough at first, but it does get easier! being veggie too will be even tougher, but making meals from scratch is the best way and can be so much more fun :) i try and blog about any yummy gluten free recipes when i do them so let me know if you want any tips! xx

Vicky said...

My god, that pineapple bag is one of the best things I've ever seen. I used to be gluten intolerant, but then it kind of just disappeared. Odd I know, but now I can have gluten in moderation x

Maddie said...

Oooh I'm a vegetarian! Haha 12 years, since I was 3. Your blog is wonderful, by the way!!! <3

dan said...

that cupcake looks gorge! xx

Jess Corcoran said...

love the messy hair photo! and your blog in general! xxx