I have a kind of love/ hate thing with packing. On the one hand I love it because it usually means your going somewhere nice, but on the other it stresses me out and it's so hard to think of the days and what you will need! I mean I get all stereotypical girl about it, and I want to take as many different options as possible because how do I know what I'll want to wear? or I will put on an outfit whilst away and won't want to wear it, uuugh! Clearly all about midi-skirts right now and little ankle socks with boots! Plus taking too many sunglasses... what am I saying, can never have too many sunglasses. 

P.S Anything ordered from Jewellery by Jaymie won't be posted until after I'm back but as a little extra I've got 10% off for the whole time I'm away with 'WHILEINROME'

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Kelli Una Finn said...

This is such a stunning post, I am terrible when it comes to packing, I am known for being a terrible over packer and often spend my time in a ratty tshirt, bobbly jumper and leggings because I still can't decide xx

Glitter Detector said...

Oh Jamie you're so talented! I love to pack cause I get extremely excited to go on holiday or even for just going on a family weekend, what I hate is unpacking when I get home ahah xx

Qwerty said...

I loved looking at this, such pretty stuff! x