Stereotype mac and starbucks, M&S macaroons, The Hunger Games, Jelly Snake addiction, Ever Ours shop swap parcel, Sallys brownies which are the best!  Waffles & Icecream, Dandylion market, Shandies, Boogaloo wall.

This week...
- I started reading The Hunger Games
-Went to aqua fit with Sally.
-Had a girly sleepover with lots of snack and films.
-Saw Wanderlust at the cinema.
-Got wet and cold in Surbiton
-Ate hot waffles with white chocolate ice-cream at Afters.
-Got free red pepper houmous and pitta in nandos.
-Bought Jamie peppermint jeans. 
-Went to The Dandylion market to sell.
-Packaged and sent orders.

A day late on posting this Nutshell post but wasn't in the mood to blog much yesterday, pure Sunday laziness but I've had a pretty full on, busy week... They're the kind of weeks I like though. I like to be busy and on the go, mainly because I can't really sit down for to long. I sit down to relax and then I end up doing something else at the same time as it feels like a waste not to be multi-tasking. I really wanted to finish reading the hunger games towards the end of the week but I didn't have the time too so definitely need to finish it this week! 

Today I'm going to another aqua fit class during the day, I've got products to photograph and some illustrations to be getting on with. I've also just picked the winners for the John Frieda give-away via random org and these will be up on a blog post later and tweeted.

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Sophie said...

I'm dying to read The Hunger Games but I hate buying new books! So am on a mission to hunt it down in a charity shop!

Stacey MacDonald said...

Oh gosh. all of the food looks amazing!!

x x x

Pip said...

Looks like you had a lovely week! And I can never be bothered to post on a Sunday - too busy doing nothing to touch the computer!

Pip x

Kate said...

All that food is making me hungry! x

Daisy said...

Such a cute selection of photos!

Sarah said...

So many yummy puddings!

Marta said...

Amazing post. I love to read your blog, it's so easy nad fun :)xx