floral lamp, pastel asos poster, snow forecast, lovely books.

I've been watching the documentary drama series on Versailles on Iplayer after seeing the 2nd episode on Wednesday. it's pretty interesting, full of french renaissance style, very marie antoinette, decadent and debauchery filled. If you like the films Casanova, Marie Antoinette and Vanity fair or any period piece dramas I recommend checking it out. Funnily enough Shana Elle commented on this post about the program.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I'm intending on trying to work a 9-5 sort of day as my work pattern/ sleep is pretty erratic thought I'd try structure my hours more. I seriously can't wait to 'Take Me Out' tonight after last weeks cringe - awkward - dick head of a guy who totally messed up and ended up taking a girl who liked him initially and ended up hating him (you'll know who I mean if you saw it - otherwise ITV player, tv gold!) When it's this cold outside I just want to be on my sofa with blankets, tea and comfort food in the evenings. 


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Annarack said...

I have never seen Casanova or Marie Antoinette. btw I think you meant to write renaissance ;)

I can't wait for 'Take me out' Either, last week was bloody hilarious and can you imagine how the date went though in fact I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't go on the date.

Jaymie said...

oh you must they're great!
haha oh i love mac auto correct, the swine!

I so hope they did! imagine if they really got on hahaha be so funny. xx

millie said...

aww love those films! have you seen 'pretty young things'? its fun and frivolous and simply fabulous :) and i really like the photo of the stack of books! x

Lolo said...

The Snow Queen! I love that book.

Winnie said...

Looks like you are surrounded by so much amazing inspiration!