studded dreams


New rings up on Jewellery by Jaymie, studs, pugs, brogues and a one off heart pearled shell ring. Got lots of new ideas for bracelets and rings at the moment including unicorns, crosses, skulls, ring bracelets and more studs!

I went to see Woman in Black tonight with my usually horror hating sister. I can't believe it's only a 12A?! Surely a 12 year old if watched that film wouldn't be able to sleep for a week, I know I would of been a very scared little girl! It is very jumpy and creepy, I really enjoyed the whole story as I've never read or seen the stage show of it so wasn't all that clued up on the narrative. The ending is one of those very open to interpretation, without giving to much away about it!

First day of Lent and my 'no chocolate' for 40 days and 40 nights thing is going well as haven't craved it yet, which doesn't sound like much of an achievement does it? But I pretty much always crave chocolate! Only 39 more days to go...

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francisdodson said...

I love the brogue, very unusual :) I'm really thinking about purchasing one of your rings - I absolutely love the Audrey Hepburn one with the cat! x

p e b b z said...

such great rings... xo

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