Monday Inspiration


All photos are from tumblr, if any belong to you please let me know so can be credited or removed. 

Pastel shades, ice-cream, ce gems, party rings, candy hues, mint, cake frosting, petals, tea cups and saucers, pearls.

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Annarack said...

Such loveliness. I love the colours portrayed and I cannot stress enough how much I want that mixed coloured blouse. I wonder where I can get one from that isn't too dear.

Harrie said...

I love the kind of candy pastel theme - so pretty! x

Elle Croft said...

Oh, WOW! All of these pics are just incredibly pretty...thanks for making me smile on a pretty gloomy Monday!! x

Devina said...

These pictures are so lovely!

Vicky said...

Ohhh lovely images, makes me want to eat icecream at the seaside.. Not huddle up infront of the fire haha xx

Zoe said...

I love the Pastels!

Zoe x
Life of a Vegetarian Girl

Ciara Baron said...

beautiful photos, so inspirational.

tonight is the last night to enter my giveaway,
i'd love if you could check it out!

Maddy said...

I want the heart cupcakes!

Crafty Nell said...

I love the mint green outfit photo, makes me impatient for spring!

Penny x

ROS.E. said...

so cute and sweet fotos...
I love the mint color of the second foto
brings to my mind that spring is coming... and I miss spring so much!

xxx Ros.e.

ttFNx said...

These photographs are beautiful x